A logo is something that is going to become a symbol. A symbol of your brand that people will remember only if they like the service or product you are providing.

On getting a logo design work, a simple process needs to be followed in order to make people understand the work and message they want to convey.


With the brand founder and to understand their story.


To understand what they are looking for in it, and how they symbolize their work with others who are already doing the same but having different approaches.

Company Name: Bedi Electronics

A task.

A task.

Target Audience:

Employees: Looking for a job.
Employers: Looking for a new employee for a particular profile and requirements.

Business Objective:

Connecting the unemployed to the employers who are looking for fresh talent. The concept of swiping right if interested and swiping left if not interested is very unique of Tinder. In this case,

Employees: Swiping right to apply for jobs.
Employers: Swiping right to accept applications and sending tasks.

The company is paying fees for monthly/ quarterly/ yearly subscription packs. The employee who wants to apply to many companies can buy the subscription pack.

To add extra information about the company…

In order to start a journey on a new social media platform, one must plan the posts prior to actually start posting any. The content below is my assumptions and some facts on how mamearth may have strategized their marketing strategy for Instagram.


Mama Earth which makes non-toxic products is very well established in India.

I will be talking about hashtags, strategies, and brand ambassadors of MAMA EARTH.

Baby products as a start are one of the key elements that gave much attention to the brand at the starting of 2017. …

Cleveland is a city in the state of Ohio in the US. They have their portal (http://city.cleveland.oh.us/) from where all the important information is being spread to the citizens.

My Task

Redesigning the landing page of their current website. A 24 hrs design sprint that should include all the problems with the current site and a whole new redesign for the same.

The main focus points will be the problem this page wants to solve and how does it offer people “value”?

How will this page become more interactive so that people can actually come here and learn new things about their…


Mark Spencer has a one-way flight in December to LAX(Los Angeles International Airport, US) from COK(Cochin International Airport, Kerala) with a stopover at Dubai on Emirates Airlines.

Problems at COK

Long queues
No signboards
Staff is bad and insufficient

These problems lead to a bad user experience, which needs to be improved so that more and more passengers would love to visit the airport and increase tourism in Kerala.


This airport is India’s first total solar powered airport.

Why Kerala?

It is one of the most beautiful cities and is the 6th best tourist destination in India. Many students too travel abroad for higher studies…

Desi daawat is a website that consists of food dishes prepared by two amazing chefs- Divya and Misty. Their website aims to tell the recipes of mostly every cuisine. They want to help the busy moms and also everyone who wants to become a cook with their incredible recipes and explanation.

What did the client want?
1. Names on the website
2. Control the adding of the recipes
3. Monetize the website
4. Edit recipes

You have come to the right place if you are a designer(does not matter if you are starting or you are professional). Here, I have…

The Emaar group focuses on designing the latest facilities/luxurious flats for new aged couples. They offer luxury clubhouses and give amenities that not every society or group can offer. This makes them different from others.

Directly starting with the redesign, let’s get started. There will be 2 sections/tags that I will be using all along, OLD for old designs and NEW for my redesigns.

Problems with the old landing page design:

TOP NAV: This section is supposed to be clear and must have all the important sections which a user can go and would want to go. But, here the…

It doesn’t matter in which field we are in, we always have a lot of work to do, and despite that, we need to remember other personal things. And for that, there are already a lot of software and online platforms which offer such functionalities. One such application that already exists on our phones is CALENDAR.

It is one of the most important applications which is totally underrated by most people. But still, people are resistant to open it. Why? Maybe because it has very little to offer.

Keeping that in mind, in this project I designed this software interface…

I received a mail saying I have been shortlisted for the internship and in order to become a member of their team, I had to do one task. And for such tasks, I suppose we(the newbies) must be paid for.


The reason being we invest our time and value and we are not even told why are we being rejected or where do we actually lag most of the time which is ethically wrong. This payment can also boost some confidence and help us work harder for next time.

Anyway, this task is supposed to be done in just…

Project Brief

Noisy Lion is a company of professionals passionate about photography of products. It basically does magic for your products. The founder was a genuine and great human being whose work ethic was simply admirable.

Mohit Gopal

Helps businesses by solving design problems to gain more users|| UI/UX Designer || Aspiring Product Designer || Strategist || Visual Designer

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