Case Study 2: Noisy Lion Web Design #3

Project Brief

Noisy Lion is a company of professionals passionate about photography of products. It basically does magic for your products. The founder was a genuine and great human being whose work ethic was simply admirable.

A brand.

The reason why I was chosen as a design intern was because of my good communication and strategy skills. I did not only give him design ideas and insights, but I was also good at marketing aspects. I was not sure then, that my core strength was UX research. But it turned out that certain things are unclear unless we try it out. My design was not approved for further development as it was not up to the mark, but I got to learn a lot of things about myself and the fields where I lagged and where I needed to work upon. The reason being that it looked static, as in no animations or anything. As a designer, I should have learned first how to make some design prototype and then apply for the post but it’s okay. We learn eventually with time. And now when I see the design, it brings a smile to my face on how innocently I designed the website thinking that this is going to be the best thing on the internet as it was prepared with my full efforts of knowledge I had at that point in time.

15 Days of design work looks like this, just to give an idea to the client.

So, this work was basically was just done in 15 days when I did not know that the work is divided into low fidelity and high fidelity. I started filling in colors in the early stage and also the images to present it to the client, which was a very wrong move.

Why? Because investing your time in the initial phase will delay the process furthermore as I gradually learned about and experienced.

Though, it was really amazing to work and do research on topics which was pretty unfamiliar to me.

The research I did for this project was very important in terms of basics of where I need to improve in order to be called as a designer.

Here is some of my research which I am happy to share with all of you, this included some knowledge of one of my favorite design teams — The Futur

…will be filling the research ASAP…

I hope you have enjoyed this article and the journey behind this project. I am happy to at least give it a shot and understand why I need to improve?