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Mohit Gopal
3 min readOct 25, 2021


This article is for designers and the marketing team having a huge ass discussion on how to focus on their target audience? What should they do in this festive season?

The first question we need to ask ourselves is: What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word “DIWALI”?


Now, go in such a manner:

STEP 1: Think of how your brand is connected to light?
Example: The company for which I am currently working deals with home decor so my task is pretty simple. So, I am targeting more on the lanterns and candle holders. FIND YOUR CONNECTION.

STEP 2: What is your motive for that post?
Example: My motive will be to sell our product by showing lifestyle images, specifications, and details. FIND YOUR MOTIVE.

STEP 3: What does light mean in your post?
Can it be guiding someone careerwise or otherwise? FIND YOUR MEANING.

STEP 4: What should you include in the post?
Catchy words, impactful images (try to be authentic by having images of your own), try to make the posts connected so it leaves your audience to visit your profile while scrolling.

The second question that should come to your mind is: What does Diwali signify?


Now, think in this way:

STEP 1: Is your product/brand trying to help people in any way?
Example: Think about how your product is simplifying people’s lives. Our brand gives people the pleasure of living life in luxurious ways.

STEP 2: How is it achievable?
Example: Content should be the primary option to convince people for choosing you. The next best option is the design which they are going to see first.

STEP 3: Choose how your content will be best understood?
Example: Via Video or content or design. Work on each and start posting. Run ads. It’s all about hit and trial.

The third question is: Since when should we start posting for Diwali?


Now, depends on your product or business model:

1: 1 week, if the page is just for information purposes. PAGE MOTIVES: Information to many and live updates on important things.

2: 2 weeks, if the product is product-centric. So that people can buy the products if they really like it. PAGE MOTIVES: Show high offs that can be face products, dresses, etc.

3: 4 weeks or more, if your brand has the potential sale mostly in this festive season. Requires 3 advertisements/week for every 3 days. So that people can order. Be consistent with ad posting so that you hit the User’s mind at the right time.

And anytime can be the right time.

The fourth question is: What is your desired result?


Now, think in this way:

  1. Likes — Current Scenario, funny and relatable posts gives more like.
  2. Comment — Giveaway or contest.
  3. Saved — Informational, something that you will follow in your life.

This is a sum of what all needs to be kept in mind with your team when working on the same. Please feel free to give some comments on all points I am missing.

Thank you for being so patient.



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